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New comings – Xray Xark large gaming mouse pad , super thin

The first thing that struck me when first testing the X-ark was it’s lose thickness. It’s latterly the thinnest mouse pad I’ve ever seen (only 1mm thick), which has its pros and cons of course.

The main upside here is that it’s very easy to transport like if you are going to a LAN is this mouse pad is ideal. The downside is that every little piece of dust or cookie crumbles that might get stuck under feel like a mountain when u slide our mouse over it.

The surface is really nice and is made of a silicone material. This allows for better tracking and the size of the mouse pad is just perfect in my opinion. I’m playing with mid-low sense and I like how well it’s fitting in on my desk space. The mouse pad is 400 x 300 mm in size a little bit larger then my standard mouse pad the Steelseries 9HD which is a stiff mouse pad. The X-ark has not as good speed as the 9HD but it makes up for it in it’s good precision. The silicon have a bumpy texture which gives it more friction. This is great but from my perspective its more important to have a mouse pad with more speed just because I play with a lower sense. A high sense player might enjoy it more because he doesn’t need that much speed to a 360 degree spin in-game.

This speaks against the mouse pads large size but it’s also what kind of mouse pad you are after.

The back of the mouse pad has a nice anti slip rubber which holds the mouse pad in place very easily.

I’ve been only using this mouse pad for 2 weeks, I’ve always been a “stiff-mouse-pad-guy”. This said I’ve would consider changing my mouse pad for the X-ark just because of the advantages the Bumpy silicone gives me with my precision.

I’ve only been testing the mouse pad with a Razer Deathadder G2 mouse. Some tracking difficulties occurred when I played with lower sense. It didn’t read all the motions whilst the Steelseries 9HD did.

This may have been a product of an really worn mouse but I really think you guys should look in to that. But all in all this is a great mouse pad and I would like to see more of X-raypads in the future.


Review on the X-ark mouse pad by Harox from Team Decerto


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