Team Copperation

Xray pad would like to work teams to produce Team-Xray pad . The team should have an excellent market promotion ability , through network media , gamers media channels and contact local or international sales channels .

You design ( or your idea) , we produce both products . We share the market profit .

Now the world , it multi-benefit world . Let’s work together .


You may get a free gaming mouse pad for review and testing. If you are pro-gamer, just contact us.



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  1. Living Fire Gaming Organisation
    19 Ronald Avenue
    E15 3AH

    Reference Number: 001

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I write to enquire about a potential sponsorship deal with XRAYpad and our organisation, Living Fire ( Previous companies have taken the maximum, given back the minimum and they have all, eventually, collapsed. We need an excellent, strong and secure partner to accelerate growth for both ourselves and any company willing to become our partners in the gaming scene.
    Over the past 5 years, Living Fire has grown immensely. We currently have a number of teams with a highly competitive spirit. 4 Counter Strike:Source teams play in several different leagues and divisions, some consist of EAS, ESL DIV1, UNGL and SGL; We also have Counter-Strike 1.6 team who are currently playing in SGL invite season14, ESL and various other cups such as the Zowie Gear European Challenge and the Dustworld Challenge; we also contain a Fifa 11 player and a Starcraft II player. At the present moment, they lack the required tools to push to the next level and achieve greatness in the gaming scene, and the chance to increase our presence in gaming. With financial support, they can be motivated to practise for as many hours as they feel necessary, and even bootcamp at their home soil giving them a slight advantage to make an appearance at major LAN events.

    Some recent notable achievements and results;

    Invited to play in Fnatic.PLAY #2

    LivingFire vs OX.Enermax 16-5 win

    LivingFire vs inyourmind.UK 16-4 win

    LivingFire vs myRevenge 16-7

    Season 10 CS 1.6 UK Premiership Champions

    Season 9 CS1.6 League tier C Champions

    More info on request.

    Unfortunately, Living Fire is a labour of love at the present moment. The costs of running an organisation of this sort is high with very little return – especially at this level. We hope that with the addition of partners and sponsorship deals, we can grow our organisation and community which, in turn, will increase revenue for our professional partners.
    Currently, we have a sponsor for our web development, which also includes web hosting. and Dvotion Design share a managing partner, Aaron Maclean ( and he is so happy with our partnership, he has openly come forward to be a reference for any application we send to companies looking to invest their time in the Living Fire Organisation.
    If this sounds interesting please get back in contact to discuss in more detail.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you.


    AJ Nguyen
    Living Fire Founder

    1. Dear Penny,

      Just to update things, I’ve been contacted by Charles from X-Ray pad, and I’m currently just waiting for a reply for confirmation.

      Really do hope to hear from you guys soon.

      Best Regards
      AJ Nguyen

        1. Sounds great!

          I hope the X-Ray Pad team haven’t forgotten us!
          because we sure haven’t.

          Really looking forward to hearing from you guys

          AJ Nguyen

  2. Hello XRAYPAD,
    My name is Gabriel Sativa and before anything else i would like to introduce myself and my organization.
    As said, my name is Gabriel Sativa. Dayly i run GAMEAWARE, which is a eSport LAN Party. Exactly what eSport is, would i like to tell you further down.

    The eSport concept refers to the Games that today is played on a level of
    competition. That means that gamers from all over the world competes against each other, to become the best there is at what they do. The word eSports stands for “electronic sport”. The easiest way to be a part of eSport is by playing over the internet. To play, you have to contact other teams to arrange games between you’re team and theirs. The contact between teams often happens over IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which is also used by leagues and organizations’. The most popular networks on IRC are the Quakenet, that originally where designed for Quake players. But today it has become a common place for all gamers. The matches that are arranged against each other is settled with special rules that are set by the leagues you’re playing in,or it can be decided be the ones you play against. But it has also become more and more popular in all over the world to exercise the eSport over LAN (Local Area Network). LAN has got the following benefits; the network conditions are better and it gives you the opportunity of kicking out players that chooses to cheat by using programs for that purpose. With LAN also come the social aspects by playing together physically, which makes communication between players easier.
    eSport is also breaking through in the media world, which is necessary to create a solid foundation for a new sport. The big tournaments in Denmark’s as well as the world, is developing with progressive and dynamic speed. To mention some tournaments kept in Denmark, we have; The Blast, Slap live-Copenhagen games, Gaming4Life, DSRack LAN, NetPartyFyn, and so on… Besides all these local tournaments, there is also held tournaments like the European championships and the World championships. And as in soccer and many other sports, every country
    has their own National team which competes to become the world’s best team. It is today very prestigious and filled with pride to become the World Champions in the individual games played worldwide.
    In the UN, USA and Asia more than 250 million people are playing these games on their computers. In Asia alone it has become so popular that in some places, eSports has overtaken the more traditional sports when it comes to spectators and so on. The fan clubs consists of millions of fans and all the matches is broadcast on TV with announcers. If you take these numbers up to consideration, it shows that 10 % of the UN population is playing these games. And if you transfer the numbers to Denmark, it shows that we have more than 500.000 people playing games.
    FACT – The sales figure in this industry speaks for itself, over a year eSports makes more than 120 billion DKK, which is more than the movie industry.

    This was a pretty long description of what eSport is. As you can see, it is very big, our LAN is going to be as big.

    We attend to get at least 400 participantz in for this event, higher if possible.
    We are going to have 3 main tournaments. Counter-Strike:Source, Hero of Newerth and StarCraft II. We are also going to make some small side tournaments, such as LoL, FIFA 2011 etc.

    What we want from you, is some product sponsorship of your products, that we use for sale or give-away for the winners at the lan event.

    If you can give us some of this, we can assure you good LIVE commercial, and good ONLINE commercial.

    Our LAN event is going to be located in Esbjerg, Denmark – Jylland, and are going to be at september, the final date isnt scheluded quite yet, but it’s in September 2011.

    I hope this have had a positive relation for your company and that you will respond positive for this project, which isnt a “one-time-business”.

    Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

    Gabriel Sativa
    +45 26 35 69 33
    Marketing Director

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