Cool Skull big mouse pads of HIQ company

They are very cool skull big mouse pads.  A yellow skull and cross-swords on a black mouse pad. Which are big mouse pads with HIQ company logo. Thanks HIQ to custom mouse pads in bulk.

cool skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

There are types of Skull designs: Horizontal and vertical Skulls

Horizontal Skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

It’s fashionably attractive or impressive skull mouse pad.

vertical Skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

You can make own same size mouse pads customized from us.

The highlights of mouse pad:
1, Silk smooth fabric surface, soft natural rubber bottom
2, Big size mouse pad: 400mm x 300mm
3, Big cool skull image printing to cover most part of mouse pad.

350x250mm-cool mouse pad

If you want to custom mouse pads wholesale, just contact X-raypad.