Can you make custom mouse pads design?

Today I got an inquiry about ” custom mouse pads design” from Michael Teruel, who was asking:

 Hello.  I use a HumanScale keyboard tray + mouse platform.  The mouse platform is round and came included with a gel type mousepad.

This gel type mousepad is almost a perfect circle, BUT a section on the top is cut-out to make space for a wire holder on the mouse platform.

I’d like a custom mousepad from X-RayPad to replace this gel type mousepad.

How do I make a design or template or drawing that I can provide so you can create a custom mousepad that’s the exact dimensions of this gel type mousepad?

This gel type mousepad is HumanScale model #:CMPGEL 10-inch

I’ve attached a picture of it.

I would like a custom mousepad with the same dimensions as this HumanScale gel mousepad, but:
– fabric / control-type surface
– high quality stitched frame

We checked the mouse pad platform size, and knew he needed a circle mouse pad with 10 inches diameter. Sure, we can custom mouse pads design per his requirements. Please see below preview of custom size mouse pad. 10 inches circle mouse pad

His requirements:

What I want is a custom mouse pad with the exact same shape / dimensions as this original gel mouse pad that I already have.

I want the custom mouse pad to:- have the fabric / control type surface like on gaming mouse pads

– have the high quality stitched frame
– have same dimensions and shape as the original gel mouse pad (circle with 10-inch diameter)
– solid black or dark gray color

Is this possible?  If so, how much will it be?

Thank you,
Michael Teruel

It’s easy to us to custom mouse pads design. If you just have an idea or picture, you want to custom mouse pads, just tell us or send it us. We will make the mouse pad design to you total freely.

mouse pad artwork free editionMouse pad artwork edition & approval process



CU-LAN mouse pads customized by X-rayPad

Today we are showing the  custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016.


CU-LAN is a Gaming Event Organizer in Belgium. Who has been organized gaming lan parties in 15 years.
2016, they will make good use of a national holiday (World War 1 truce)  to organize an extra-long 4-day edition and annual big Lan Party.
Since in Belgium, from 2014 to 2018, they are remembering the 100rd anniversary of WW1, they’ve chosen ‘Army’ as theme for this edition.
CU-LAN will take place from Thursday November 10th, 6PM until Sunday November 13th, 6PM in Lessines (Hainaut, Belgium).

We are very proud to provide custom mouse pads for this grand event of CU-LAN.

Please see below photos of gaming mouse pads for CU-LAN:

Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016
Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016

Feature of CU-LAN mouse pads Customized:
1,Smooth speed edition fabric surface
2,Black soft rubber base
3,Black stitching of edge treatment
4,Game-grade,suitable for esports gamers
5,Durable, Machine-washable
6,CU-LAN brand logo printed
7,XL custom mouse pads: 27.5″/70cm x 15.7″/40cm, 3mm thick

Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN lanparty 2016

To custom xl mouse pads for events with same size, just contact X-raypad.

Close view of CU-LAN mouse pads

If you want to custom gaming mouse pads with other size, own artworks, high quality for your events, clan or lan party, just contact X-raypad. We will make them for you.

Any bulk order of custom mouse pads, order quantity per design is over 50 pieces, we can make sure you can present your own world top quality mouse pads on events.

Video of custom gaming mouse pad for CU-LAN