Comparing Control Edition Gaming Mousepads

X-raypad just launched 3 levels control gaming mouse pads: 1, Aqua control; 2, Aqua control 2; 3, Aqua control S.

Aqua control plus gaming mouse pad: Better control surface, the surface feeling like Zowie GTF-X, but mat is more soft and flexible. Not curl.
Aqua control plus 2 mouse pad surface logo
Aqua control plus 2 gaming mouse pad: Best control surface like Artisan Hein. It is more flexible. No curls, no wrinkles at all. It’s best for playing shot games. It’s a good placement for plastic mouse pad.
Aqua control + Super gaming mouse pad
Aqua control + Super gaming mouse pad: Heavily textured weave for CONTROL gameplay

Put 3 mouse pads and comparing the control surfaces:

Aqua control+ 3 surfaces texture comparing
Aqua control+ 3 surfaces texture comparing

Prince, a professional gamer tested the 3 mouse pads, and told us the Control S version is similar to Goliathus surface, the Control plus is same as Zowie GTFX and Aqua control 2 is like Artisan Hien, he like Control 2 very much by himself. Who likes CS:GO shot game, it may be a reason like control 2.

Features of mouse pads:

  • Size: 400 x 450 x 3mm for all
  • Edge: Frame stitched.
  • Package: included a drawstring bag
  • Discount Price: $19

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New custom mouse mats with CS:GO artwork

Recently we got some new requirements of custom mouse mats with CS:GO artworks. Sure, that’s no problem to us. X-raypad offer custom mouse mats, no limited order quantity.

We will show 5 kinds of CS:GO mouse mats customized by x-raypad:

Custom CS GO Mouse Pads With Cool Background PrintingCustom CSGO mouse pads with your own printingCustom CS:GO Mouse Pads With CSS printingCustom CSGO mouse pads with your printing cool fighter

CS yin yang mouse mat

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