Ahri LOL mouse pad with giant mat size

Recently, we got more inquiries about Ahri mouse pad in of  league of legends. Lemi sent us the beautiful sexy Ahri picture to make his own ahri LOL mouse pad. You can see a very pretty Ahri image below.

LOL mouse pad_Ahri_800x500cm preview file

The image is extra large, it can be made in size: 80cm/31.49″ x 50cm/19.68″, it will be a giant size mouse pad. If you want to make own League of legends mouse pad Ahri, just contact X-raypad.

I will show some photos of Ahri LOL mouse pad from our clients below:

Thanks all for sharing your very beautiful photos of Ahri League of legends mouse pads.

Customize LoL mouse pads with your favourite image

Make own League of Legends mouse pads!

League of LegendsLoL)is a popular competitive game with young people.Each character is unique in the game . We respect each role, and Each has ourselves views on the role of our attention. (If you support my idea, you can like my article.)

You can use your favorite role photo or image from League of Legends to make your own LoL mouse pad.

We select a few characters images from LOL for your reference, these image can be printed on to different size of mouse pads. Please see below different size mouse pad.

1 Blood Moon Elise

What was your first impression of her, is cool , confident or others. I think her is a quiet and magnificent , wisdom’s woman.

custom LoL mouse pad size 440x270mm


Custom Mat size of LoL : 17.3 inch x 10.6 inch, which is big size and suitable for your office desk.
To select your favourite picture and make own big mouse pad.


2 Ghost Bride Morgana

What you see in the picture, and whether have a little bit sad, once Pure Angel , the Falle Angel now. let us to protect, to care of her.

custom LoL mouse pad with Ghost Bride Morgana 650x400mm

If you want to own this Extra large mouse pad(size : 650mm x 400mm), meanwhile you can also add your own idea on mouse pad. Such as you whisper to this role or belong to your mark, or signature and so on.


3 Hecarim

It is an armored giant, brave aggressive, he own Exceptional ability, Opponents are very afraid. So if you want to own the same power , I just think about it.

custom LoL mouse pad: giant size 910x620mm

There is XXL mouse pad(size : 910mm x 610mm), which is huge size for custom mouse pad , it almost can cover your whole desktop. This is a very perfect the experience.

4 Cho’gath

The role is controversial ,many players have a lot of different views of him, so maybe you not support my idea of him, yeah , it is okey, but I just want say my idea of him, he is a powerful tank ,and give enemy great sense of threat .

custom LoL mouse pad with Cho’gath 40inchx23.5inch

There is also XXL mouse pad(size : 101.6cm x 59.7cm), which is more huge size for custom mouse pad , it almost can cover your whole desktop.

What we can do on custom mouse pads?

  • Pinting: Any image from League of Legends Series
  • Size and thickness: the size per your need, 1-6mm thickness option.
  • Surface: smooth fabric surface .
  • Bottom : nature rubber, Non-slip Soft rubber backing
  • Frame stitched : free to support.
  • Artwork edition: free editing with approval


It’s very simple to custom own LoL mouse pad, you send us an image, we make mouse pad per your need. Customization includes:any images, any size and different size and surface.