X-raypad new Extra Large gaming mouse pads


X-raypad just released New Extra large Gaming mouse pads: Aqua Speed Edition in November 2016.



There are 3 extra large sizes, all are 36″ length, but the width are different.  Extended Large 12″, Extended XL 18″, Extended XXL 24″.


Smooth and Fine Weave

The Speed Edition mat creates a smooth and seamless surface, and your gaming mouse quickly slides freedom. The fabric also provides a comfortable feel during your extended wrist and hand to minimize fatigue during extended play.


Optimized for All Sensors

Full support for Laser or Optical Sensors – Optimized all sensitivity settings and sensors, Regardless of your sensitivity setting or the preferred gaming mouse, provides a comprehensive track response to always reliable gaming controls.


WaterProof Treatment by Nano Technology

Why do you need a full waterproof surface? We always put a drink or cup onto a desk.If the beverage is accidentally spilled, the water-resistant surface can prevent the liquid from leaking into the mouse pad. So you can clean your surface very easily


Custom mouse pads for Clans, Lanparties

Today we will show custom mouse pads for clans, CU-LAN, Play on WASD, The Summit 5 and Plays TV.

Below are showing the mouse pads photos customized for Clans, Lan events, lanparties:


Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN, SIZE:  27.5″ X 15.7″

custom-mouse-pads-for-cu-lan-02 custom-mouse-pads-for-cu-lan-03

Custom mouse pads for Play’ on WASD, SIZE: 19.68″ X 11.8″

Reviewing the WASD mousepads: 

Custom mouse pads for Play on WASDCustom mouse pads for Play on WASD

Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5 and Plays TV, SIZE: 13.7″ X 9.8″

Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5


Custom high quality mouse mats, any size, any quantity, any artwork printing to meet your target marketing, generate impulse sales, create brand awareness, sell more!

Do you want to have your original mouse pads? Just tell us the mat size, send us your artwork or logo, X-rayPad custom mousepads for your clans or lanparties.

Special offer of custom mouse pad for Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s love is peace.
It need not be acquired,
it need not be deserved

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016,  X-raypad shop offer 10% discount for all custom mouse pads, please use the coupon code: “mothersday(expiry day: April 30th). You can custom extra large mouse pad for your Mother as a special gift, our mouse pad is not only a mat on table or desk, but also you put it on a wall as a picture, the high quality printing custom mouse pad is dual colors and very flexible. You can wash it into wash machine when it has lots dusts.

Looking for your favourite picture or your mother photo or family photo, we can print it onto a fabric surface of mouse pad. Many sizes of mats are optional for you.


We offer many sizes of mats for custom printing: 1, custom big mouse pads; 2, custom large mouse pads; 3, custom XL mouse pad; 4, custom XXL mouse pad (giant size included).



How to Make Your Own Mousepad

The days of boring white or black mouse pads are long gone, especially when custom mouse pads are so easy to find or make. Mousepads are practical for everyday computer use, and they are a must for surfaces on which a mouse will not work, such as glass-top desks. Plus, necessity aside, a custom mousepad can add a certain amount of character to your computer setup, letting your personality shine through and sprucing up your space. You can choose from any type of design or fabric or you can use an image or photograph to top off your custom mouse pad. This, in a way, can be super attractive and interesting.

A basic custom mousepad is the simple rectangular design you generally see when you purchase a mousepad from a store. Making your own, you can make the surface of the mousepad into anything you want, such as a photograph, special image, or fun fabric.

To make one, you will need the following materials and tools:

· Crafting foam(or rubber foam with fabric)

· Ruler

· Pencil

· Surface material (photograph, image, or fabric if need)

· Scissors

· Spray-on adhesive(It is not needed if you can do sublimation)

Here’s how to make a simple custom mousepad in four simple steps:

1. Measure the size you want(ex. 400mm by 300mm) on the crafting foam, using your ruler and a pencil to draw the lines, and cut the foam according to your measurements.

2. Cut your surface material to the same dimensions. To do this, you can use the craft foam to trace the dimensions on the back of your photo or fabric.

3. Use the spray-on adhesive to bond the photograph, image, or fabric to the craft foam, working out any air bubbles caught between the surfaces.

4. Let it dry and use it!

Of course, you can get fancier than a simple rectangular mouse pad. There are endless possibilities! You can:

· Use a round cork trivet and bond it to your fabric with a heat-bonding agent and an iron

· Recover an old mousepad with new fabric

· Create a felt mousepad

· Use fabric scraps to make a thick and unique mousepad

· Create your mousepad in some interesting shapes, such as an animal shape (great for kids), a circle, a heart, or anything else you can think of

· Test your artistic skills by drawing or stenciling a nice design on your mousepad surface

· Create a character from a television show or movie, such as a super hero or even a zombie head

· Add lace edges and other accentuating features to your mouse pad

· Use neon craft paint to add a fun design

The sky is the limit when making your own custom mouse pad. It is so quick and easy, something creative and fun to do with the kids, and they make great gifts. Just think of holiday gifts or those end-of-year gifts for teachers. The only limit on what you can create is the limit of your own imagination. So, scour your house for scrap materials and visit your local craft store and put your hands to work making the most creative custom mouse pad you can think of!

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Custom gaming mouse pads for Gaming Lanparty

Viveslan is a lanparty organized by students of the Katho (catholic high school South-West Flanders). These students come from the majors Applied Informatics and Electronic Engineering. These students are a tight circle of friends, they spend a lot of time together inside and outside school.

Viveslan can offer room for 230 gamers, 20 ex-crewmembers and an unlimited number of visitors. 

This year Viveslan will play below 5 kinds games:

  • – Suicide survival (Garry’s Mod)
  • – Gas Guzzlers Extreme
  • – Warcraft 3
  • – Arena: Cyber evolution
  • – Call Of Duty 4

X-Raypad custom gaming mouse pads for Viveslan 24th gaming Lanparty.

Mouse pads Feature:

  • 70cm x 30cm , thickness 3mm.
  • Full Colors printing for each game background.
  • Durable Fabric top is dust and stain resistant.
  • Non-slip rubber backing.
  • Smooth Surface-Control version.
  • Frame stitched 

Custom gaming mouse pads Pictures:

custom large mouse pads of warcraft III Custom large mouse pads of suicide survival gaming Custom large mouse pads of gas guzzlers gaming Custom large mouse pads of Arena-cyber evolution gamingCustom large mouse pads of call of duty gamingCustom large mouse pads of 5 kinds games 04Custom large mouse pads of 5 kinds games 03 Custom large mouse pads of 5 kinds games 02 Custom large mouse pads of 5 kinds games

Are you going to custom gaming mouse pads for your Lanparty? Just contact X-raypad.

custom larger mouse pads – from artwork checking to make the mouse pad

Custom mouse pad process

When we got an inquiry of custom mouse pad, especial a large mouse pad, we will follow below steps:

1, Checking the mouse pad artwork

Firstly, you should have an idea of the mouse pad size when you want to custom a mouse pad or mouse pads. Example, if you want to custom mouse pad size: width 600mm, high 350mm, so the mouse pad artwork size should be 610mm x 360mm (please leave 5mm bleed for each side). 

As you know, high image resolution will have high printing quality. So we expect the PPI,pixel per inch of the artwork is about 200 or higher.

But this mouse pad artwork size don’t match and PPI only has 72 is very low image solution

This is an original artwork from our client, who want to make a large mouse pad of 600mm x 350mm, the artwork size is 356mm x 242mm with 72 PPI. This is size not enough big and low image solution. Our designer want to make bigger background to meet the large size mouse pad(see below image after modification).

2,Confirm and Approve the artwork for custom mouse pad

After both parts discuss the artwork, we will use the approval final artwork for custom mouse pads.

3,Preparing mouse pad materials

Firstly, we will prepare rubber mouse pad material, printing material and other tooling. 

4,Cutting, Printing and edge treatment

For different size of custom mouse pad, we will cut it per your requirement, then print out the artwork for sublimation thermal transfer to the mouse pad surface.

5, The mouse pad customized done ( see below photos ) 

4 steps of creating artwork and custom mouse pads

******The artwork of Anime Nisekoi was updated****** 

Please see the new large mouse pad customized as below, the Anime Nisekoi girls added feet on the large mouse pad( size: 600mm x 350mm ).

Custom large mouse pads for hidrophoniks

The hidrophoniks mouse pad feature:

  • This 400*300mm rectangular large mousepads are made of a durable heat-resistant polyester fabric top with low friction ( smooth surface), will keep your mouse rolling in style.
  • Backed with a natural rubber non-slip backing, keeps the mousepad from sliding ( gaming grade high quality natural rubber base).
  • The mousepad is 1/8″ thick.
  • It will not discolor or fade, machine washable.
  • Quantity: 10 pieces

Custom gaming mouse pads for hidrophoniks

Custom large mouse pad-800*500mm desk pad

From now, we offer side stitch for custom large mouse pads

Below pictures are a new custom large mouse pads:

The mouse pad feature:

  • This 31.5″ x 19.7″ rectangular mousepad is made of a durable heat-resistant polyester fabric top with low friction, will keep your mouse rolling in style.
  • Backed with a natural rubber non-slip backing, keeps the mousepad from sliding.
  • The mousepad is 1/8″ thick.
  • It will not discolor or fade, machine washable.
  • Cross edge stitched

Custom stitched mouse pads

Rogger wants to custom mouse pads with own brand artwork for his father from X-raypad. The  mouse pad artwork comes with “Slottech H.O.RACING” logo on black background.

Who wrote the message as below: “I would like to get a quote on a custom mouse pad with the graphic supplied.  I would like the graphic to cover as much of the pad as possible, with getting grainy, jaggy, or blurry (I’m waiting on my friend to supply me with a higher quality image soon).  The size of the pad should be 11×17, and I need it to be able to roll up neatly to pack away.  The graphic is for my father’s company, and I am trying to surprise him. “

Below are the photos of custom mouse pads with Slottech H.O.RACING artwork by X-raypad.

custom mouse pad bottom of Slottech H.O.RACING

The bottom of rubber mouse pad

custom mouse pad for slottech bottom2

High quality brand logo printing and fine frame stitched.

custom mouse pad for Slottech H.O.RACING custom mouse pad of slottech stitched corner

Silk smooth fabric surface, increasing mouse moving speed.

custom mouse pad for slottech stitched side

You also can make your own brand mouse pads in bulk, we can offer wholesale custom mouse pads, very competitive price, the best quality – game level quality product.

custom mouse pads for Slottech H.O.RACING Club

About custom mouse pads with stitched sides, we accept the order quantity from 5 pieces before. But Now we don’t have any quantity limited.

custom gaming mouse pad, with gaming artwork rubber mouse pads

Custom gaming mouse pad with own artwork, the mouse pad specifications:

  • Surface: Fabric
  • Bottom: Cream-colored rubber base
  • Atworks: Photoshop PSD files
  • Sizes: Length: 650mm, width: 400mm, height: 3mm
  • Side treatment: knife die-cut

Before custom gaming mouse pads, we present the mouse pad design for approval.

The mouse pads customized per the approval artworks. Please see the mouse pads photos as below: