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X-raypad Begins Offering Custom and Gaming Mouse Pads at Wholesale Prices

SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — X-raypad has been an industry leader since 2003 in providing custom mouse pads wholesale for enterprise and home use. Today the company is proud to announce the launch of wholesale level prices on all custom and gaming mouse pads. Wholesale prices will eliminate huge markups for businesses and home users on a budget, while also giving everyone the opportunity to bring their own designs to reality.

Company CEO Priscilla James had this to say about the launch of wholesale prices:

At X-raypad we pride ourselves in producing high end mouse pads for all users, our custom gaming mouse pads have been a hit throughout the gaming community whereas our custom mouse pads have been a huge hit for home and office use. The launch of custom mouse pads at wholesale rates allows for us to provide enterprise users the same great service but at a fraction of the price. We are able to do this by now manufacturing everything on site, cutting out any work by middle men. We look forward to serving all customers in getting the mouse pad(s) of their dreams.

Being a wholesale vendor goes beyond cheaper prices, by cutting out the middle men X-raypad can ship products faster, do quality control checks on site, and deal with customer feedback and concerts directly. Enterprise owner Bill McDonald had this to say about his experience with X-raypad’s new custom mousepads at wholesale prices

Our company is in the gaming niche and we wanted to create a gamer feel in our office, we turned to X-raypad for custom gaming mouse pads and were blown away by the service. There is a huge selection on custom mouse pads and on top of this the prices for large unit orders is very affordable. We had our products delivered quickly and without any hassle. The mouse pads themselves feel nice and our mice respond readily when placed on these pads. Thank you X-raypad!

If you would like more information about this X-raypad please contact Priscilla …

How to Make Your Own Mousepad

The days of boring white or black mouse pads are long gone, especially when custom mouse pads are so easy to find or make. Mousepads are practical for everyday computer use, and they are a must for surfaces on which a mouse will not work, such as glass-top desks. Plus, necessity aside, a custom mousepad can add a certain amount of character to your computer setup, letting your personality shine through and sprucing up your space. You can choose from any type of design or fabric or you can use an image or photograph to top off your custom mouse pad. This, in a way, can be super attractive and interesting.

A basic custom mousepad is the simple rectangular design you generally see when you purchase a mousepad from a store. Making your own, you can make the surface of the mousepad into anything you want, such as a photograph, special image, or fun fabric.

To make one, you will need the following materials and tools:

· Crafting foam(or rubber foam with fabric)

· Ruler

· Pencil

· Surface material (photograph, image, or fabric if need)

· Scissors

· Spray-on adhesive(It is not needed if you can do sublimation)

Here’s how to make a simple custom mousepad in four simple steps:

1. Measure the size you want(ex. 400mm by 300mm) on the crafting foam, using your ruler and a pencil to draw the lines, and cut the foam according to your measurements.

2. Cut your surface material to the same dimensions. To do this, you can use the craft foam to trace the dimensions on the back of your photo or fabric.

3. Use the spray-on adhesive to bond the photograph, image, or fabric to the craft foam, working out any air bubbles caught between the surfaces.

4. Let it dry and use it!

Of course, you can get fancier than a simple rectangular mouse pad. There are endless possibilities! You can:

· Use a round cork trivet and bond it to your fabric with a heat-bonding agent and an iron

· Recover an old mousepad with new fabric

· Create a felt mousepad

· Use fabric scraps to make a thick and unique mousepad

· Create your mousepad in some interesting shapes, such as an animal shape (great for kids), a circle, a heart, or anything else you can think of

· Test your artistic skills by drawing or stenciling a nice design on your mousepad surface

· Create a character from a television show or movie, such as a super hero or even a zombie head

· Add lace edges and other accentuating features to your mouse pad

· Use neon craft paint to add a fun design

The sky is the limit when making your own custom mouse pad. It is so quick and easy, something creative and fun to do with the kids, and they make great gifts. Just think of holiday gifts or those end-of-year gifts for teachers. The only limit on what you can create is the limit of your own imagination. So, scour your house for scrap materials and visit your local craft store and put your hands to work making the most creative custom mouse pad you can think of!

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Analysis a secret of all gaming mouse pads

What is a gaming mouse pad?

It’s a pad for your mouse moving on it.. The gaming mouse pad will have high quality, surface more precision, accurate moving to a target etc… The best important of gaming mouse pad is the mouse pad surface, different gaming mouse pad surface will have a different feature. Next big issue is the mouse pad bottom, to keep your mouse pad on your table firmly when you play any games. The other is different thickness of gaming mouse pad, which will support your wrist in good level possibly. When you check all gaming mouse pad in current market, they are making by different materials, different hardness, different surface textures, different printing and so on.


There are two kinds of gaming mouse pad in market:

1, soft gaming mouse pad

2, hard gaming mouse pad


Analysis each part of Soft gaming mouse pad

Item No. Surface Bottom Size Work crafts Feature Example
1 Smooth fine waved fabric high quality natural rubber base any size, thickness:1-6 mm 1, full colors printing or screen printing

2, Edge treatment: Die cut or laser cutting, sewing edge


Fast and accurate reach, called Speed ​​Surface  Aqua2, Aqua3
2 Rough fine waved fabric Movement speed precision control, called the control surface Razer Goliathus Control Edition


Analysis each part of hard gaming mouse pad

Item No. Surface Bottom Size Work crafts Feature Example
1 Smooth surface One of below or combination:

1, plastic



4, Natural rubber

5, Non-slip glue

the big size is about 300x400mm, thickness from 2.5mm to 5mm, some few gaming mouse pad is 0.3mm thickness. 1, full colors printing or screen printing

2, Edge treatment: Die cut or laser cutting, sewing edge


Fast and accurate reach, called Speed ​​Surface  Thunder9 BK1 OR BL1
2 Rough surface Movement speed precision control, called the control surface Thunder9 BK2 OR BL2


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