My cool Sombra Overwatch mouse pad

Do you play Overwatch game? If so, you may already know the recent character-Sombra. She has functions with fully-automatic machine pistol fires,hacks, invisible and others. If you love Sombra, you can make own overwatch mouse pad.

Martin sent us a very cool Sombra artwork to custom own mouse pad of overwatch. Let’s see the mouse pad photos below:


It’s very cool design of Sombra and Overwach mouse pad. The artwork contains Sombra sign, all features and Overwatch logo.

Overwatch logo is on the left bottom of the mouse pad

You can clearly see overwatch logo at the left bottom on the mouse pad. Also see the mouse pad details and quality in close view.

Sombra name is on the center bottom

The color of Sombra name is perfect. A grey in the black background. The printing color is uniform, no bleeding. You may know it’s high quality printing.

If you are a game player of Overwatch and want to custom own gaming mouse pad, just send us your favorite image or contact X-raypad.

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