Custom mouse pad with any size, own image printing

Custom rubber mouse pad any size, start from 1 piece


Custom the largest MousePads from X-rayPad Shop, you can select any sizes of custom rubber mouse pads, we will be sole to offer the largest mouse pads in the world at this moment. In November, we just release to custom plastic hard gaming mouse pads. Read more, please go to our webshop.


Custom xl large mouse pads of 5 kinds games


As you know , we started the gaming mouse pads from 2003 . Our main products are fabric gaming mouse pads :




I think you are falimilar with our Thunder8 and Thunder9 gaming mouse pads .


Now we start to accept small order  to custom your fabric gaming mouse pads with your logo .

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Sure , you can do any mouse pads with your logo with any kinds of mouse pads , such as Thunder8 or thunder9 , But we have the minimum order quantity : 1000 pcs .

If you are top rank gaming team in your area , please submit your profile , you may get a chance to custom your free gaming mouse pad .

Any queries about gaming mouse pads customization , please post your inquiry here .

Or send your artwork or requirements to us 

Thanks for your time !

Xray OEM Team

4 thoughts on “Custom mouse pad with any size, own image printing”

  1. I’m just ordering one custom mousepad for myself, if that’s alright. I like thick, cloth surfaces.

    Optional Parts – I was hoping you could ad an attched wrist rest (Black).

    a b c (COLOR) – I was hoping you could swirl 2 colors, blue and black, on the surface of the mousepad.

    a b (WORDS) – Could you please engrave at the top-left Aaron (my name) in silver in Segoe Script (It’s in Microsoft Word).

    How about 14 inches on both sides… and about 4mm thick.

    If you can do all these things that wouold be FANTASTIC! I can pay you immediate via PayPal if that’s how you prefer.

    Thanks in advance!

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