Custom Mouse pad : Art Submission Guidelines


Camera-ready artwork should be provided with proper shape and size dimensions. Typically, we print your art "as is." We assume you have color corrected, trapped and adjusted the images to your satisfaction prior to submission. For color matching, we may request a hard copy proof of your art.


We accept files in the following formats:  Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw.          Make sure colors are defined as CMYK format. Convert all text to curves/outlines to avoid font problems.

Photoshop: We use Photoshop to edit and correct all photographic images and complex illustrations. As with all submitted work, images should be sized and cropped to final size. When a clipping path is needed, create it by using pen tools and establish the fewest number of control points possible. When saving a file with a clipping path, please set flatness to at least 3 pixels. Changing the resolution of an image from, for example, 72ppi to 300ppi will not improve the appearance of the file — it will actually be the correct resolution, but still appear "low res".

Illustrator and Corel Draw: Make sure colors are defined as CMYK format. Convert all text to curves/outlines to avoid font problems. Do not embed fonts in Corel Draw. As with a layout program, placed images must be sent along with the Illustrator file and should be properly sized and cropped in the originating program prior to placement.

Submitting Art:


FTP: Tell us the  FTP download instructions.

File Formats:

An editable version of all files, including linked and placed images, must be submitted. Native (source) files are preferred. Photoshop files should be submitted as TIFF or EPS format (300 dpi is preferred). All files should be saved to the desired size and resolution.

Color Matching:

Colors should be defined as CMYK. RGB files need to be converted to CMYK. Note that CMYK requires four color process printing and will incur higher print charges. Call for details.


We can scan both reflective and transparent media. Reflective scans have a maximum size of 8"x14". Transparencies should be at least a 4"x5". Upon request, larger formats can be scanned, but lead times may be lengthened.

Mixed Media Art:

When submitting art, avoid sending both digital and analog art if possible. Some analog art may need to be rebuilt in order to be added to digital art.


We recommend Postscript fonts rather than TrueType fonts.


A 1/4 inch bleed is required on all sides of submitted artwork. Please see below the mouse pad artwork layout.

Actual product size will be this one

Rebuilding Artwork – Art Services:

When necessary, we can rebuild most artwork, An extra art charge may be added in some cases, but you will always be informed before hand.


Customers warrant that all images supplied for reproduction, whether digital, conventional or otherwise, are unencumbered by copyright and other usage rights connected to the image(s) and agree to hold harmless and indemnify X-rayPad for all claims and expenses for any actions in law that may result from the use of these images.


Call or write regarding four color processing and pre-production proofs.

Mouse pad designs for reference

Art design department of X-ray Technology

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