How to get a cheaper playmat bag?

You may need to take your playmat in travel. How to handle it? A playmat bag will be your choice. I check many webshop and see a playmat may cost $20 or more. It’s not cheap item. But how to get a playmat bag in cheaper price?

Now X-ray Pad is offering a new big discount for playmat bag. You just need $2 to $5.0 to get a bag. It’s real cheaper price. When you custom playmat here, then just add a little money to get a bag.


1, What does this bag look like? Here is a photo of playmat bags.

playmat bag
There will be different size bag for different playmat

2, Can I custom own playmat bag?

Yes, you can custom playmat bag per your size and print your own artwork.

3, I can’t find right size bag for my playmat, can you make it for me?

Sure, just tell us your bag size, we can custom make it per your requirements.


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