How do I know the quality of custom playmats?

You know may always has some query about the quality of custom playmats. Sure, everyone will have it. I don’t want to waste my money and time if I got low quality stuff.

I will introduce a part of playmats customized by X-raypad with photos and details.

thickness check by QC
The thickness of playmat is important. More thicker rubber foam bring more Benefits: Dice will not bounce excessively and are less noisy, rock-steady
Soft playmat in rolling
Pack it in roll style, easy to pick it up for events or travel.

Are you looking for oversize gaming mat for your Duchess gaming table? Below photos are customized size and printing per their requirements.

Disney Park tabletop gaming mat
Custom printed Disney Park gate image onto a playmat.
galaxy logo playmat
Find your favorite Galaxy artwork and print it onto playmat with your logo. It looks cool
dark blue galaxy playmat
Pure dark blue galaxy playmat, it’s just for your love.
Custom playmat with own artwork and size
Custom printed cool artwork on a playmat for own
5ft by 3ft playmat with custom printing
5ft by 3ft playmat with custom printed by X-raypad

The custom playmats are made by natural rubber, rubber foaming and fabric top. Rubber bottom is molded  with non slip texture, Rock steady.

The rubber(natural rubber) playmat should be premium quality mat so far. Grip your table well, Great buffer, Firm structure, durable and custom printing.

All above photos are showing the oversize playmats, if need small or other size playmat, you can select it (size option) from X-raypad shop.

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