Webshop order delivery

When place an order from our webshop , you can put your queries here . We will answer it in 24 hours .

Before shipping arrangement , please check your shipping address and offer your phone number , which will be offered to delivery company only . So your information must be correct .

When we have your complete information ( address and phone number ) , your order will be delivered in 24 hours ( Not included the holidays ) .

You remark our shipping address and phone number through Paypal or send your information to us via email : Michael@x-raypad.com


Delivery Policy :

1. Global express delivery :
When we marked free shipping , for mouse pads , we usually use DHL express to your place . Some of countries in Asia , we may use SF-EXPRESS for the delivery , other countries will be arranged by DHL .

2. Post mail Air :
Mouse feet order , we usually use Post mail air , free shipping globally . If you order them with Thunder mouse pads , which will be shipped via express delivery together .


When you ordered our products , you can check your shipment status from our website .

If need more information from us , please contact us ( email : michael@x-raypad.com ) .

Xray Logistics


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