New custom mouse mats with CS:GO artwork

Recently we got some new requirements of custom mouse mats with CS:GO artworks. Sure, that’s no problem to us. X-raypad offer custom mouse mats, no limited order quantity.

We will show 5 kinds of CS:GO mouse mats customized by x-raypad:

Custom CS GO Mouse Pads With Cool Background PrintingCustom CSGO mouse pads with your own printingCustom CS:GO Mouse Pads With CSS printingCustom CSGO mouse pads with your printing cool fighter

CS yin yang mouse mat

Our goal is to become the industry’s leading rubber mats manufacturer. Custom high quality mouse mats, any size, any quantity, any artwork printing to meet your target marketing, generate impulse sales, create brand awareness, sell more! No minimum quantity to custom own mats, cost-effective way to create brand awareness and increase sales.

Can you make custom mouse pads design?

Today I got an inquiry about ” custom mouse pads design” from Michael Teruel, who was asking:

 Hello.  I use a HumanScale keyboard tray + mouse platform.  The mouse platform is round and came included with a gel type mousepad.

This gel type mousepad is almost a perfect circle, BUT a section on the top is cut-out to make space for a wire holder on the mouse platform.

I’d like a custom mousepad from X-RayPad to replace this gel type mousepad.

How do I make a design or template or drawing that I can provide so you can create a custom mousepad that’s the exact dimensions of this gel type mousepad?

This gel type mousepad is HumanScale model #:CMPGEL 10-inch

I’ve attached a picture of it.

I would like a custom mousepad with the same dimensions as this HumanScale gel mousepad, but:
– fabric / control-type surface
– high quality stitched frame

We checked the mouse pad platform size, and knew he needed a circle mouse pad with 10 inches diameter. Sure, we can custom mouse pads design per his requirements. Please see below preview of custom size mouse pad. 10 inches circle mouse pad

His requirements:

What I want is a custom mouse pad with the exact same shape / dimensions as this original gel mouse pad that I already have.

I want the custom mouse pad to:- have the fabric / control type surface like on gaming mouse pads

– have the high quality stitched frame
– have same dimensions and shape as the original gel mouse pad (circle with 10-inch diameter)
– solid black or dark gray color

Is this possible?  If so, how much will it be?

Thank you,
Michael Teruel

It’s easy to us to custom mouse pads design. If you just have an idea or picture, you want to custom mouse pads, just tell us or send it us. We will make the mouse pad design to you total freely.

mouse pad artwork free editionMouse pad artwork edition & approval process



Cool Skull big mouse pads of HIQ company

They are very cool skull big mouse pads.  A yellow skull and cross-swords on a black mouse pad. Which are big mouse pads with HIQ company logo. Thanks HIQ to custom mouse pads in bulk.

cool skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

There are types of Skull designs: Horizontal and vertical Skulls

Horizontal Skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

It’s fashionably attractive or impressive skull mouse pad.

vertical Skull big mouse pads for HIQ of Sweden

You can make own same size mouse pads customized from us.

The highlights of mouse pad:
1, Silk smooth fabric surface, soft natural rubber bottom
2, Big size mouse pad: 400mm x 300mm
3, Big cool skull image printing to cover most part of mouse pad.

350x250mm-cool mouse pad

If you want to custom mouse pads wholesale, just contact X-raypad.

X-raypad new Extra Large gaming mouse pads


X-raypad just released New Extra large Gaming mouse pads: Aqua Speed Edition in November 2016.



There are 3 extra large sizes, all are 36″ length, but the width are different.  Extended Large 12″, Extended XL 18″, Extended XXL 24″.


Smooth and Fine Weave

The Speed Edition mat creates a smooth and seamless surface, and your gaming mouse quickly slides freedom. The fabric also provides a comfortable feel during your extended wrist and hand to minimize fatigue during extended play.


Optimized for All Sensors

Full support for Laser or Optical Sensors – Optimized all sensitivity settings and sensors, Regardless of your sensitivity setting or the preferred gaming mouse, provides a comprehensive track response to always reliable gaming controls.


WaterProof Treatment by Nano Technology

Why do you need a full waterproof surface? We always put a drink or cup onto a desk.If the beverage is accidentally spilled, the water-resistant surface can prevent the liquid from leaking into the mouse pad. So you can clean your surface very easily


CU-LAN mouse pads customized by X-rayPad

Today we are showing the  custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016.


CU-LAN is a Gaming Event Organizer in Belgium. Who has been organized gaming lan parties in 15 years.
2016, they will make good use of a national holiday (World War 1 truce)  to organize an extra-long 4-day edition and annual big Lan Party.
Since in Belgium, from 2014 to 2018, they are remembering the 100rd anniversary of WW1, they’ve chosen ‘Army’ as theme for this edition.
CU-LAN will take place from Thursday November 10th, 6PM until Sunday November 13th, 6PM in Lessines (Hainaut, Belgium).

We are very proud to provide custom mouse pads for this grand event of CU-LAN.

Please see below photos of gaming mouse pads for CU-LAN:

Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016
Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN 2016

Feature of CU-LAN mouse pads Customized:
1,Smooth speed edition fabric surface
2,Black soft rubber base
3,Black stitching of edge treatment
4,Game-grade,suitable for esports gamers
5,Durable, Machine-washable
6,CU-LAN brand logo printed
7,XL custom mouse pads: 27.5″/70cm x 15.7″/40cm, 3mm thick

Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN lanparty 2016

To custom xl mouse pads for events with same size, just contact X-raypad.

Close view of CU-LAN mouse pads

If you want to custom gaming mouse pads with other size, own artworks, high quality for your events, clan or lan party, just contact X-raypad. We will make them for you.

Any bulk order of custom mouse pads, order quantity per design is over 50 pieces, we can make sure you can present your own world top quality mouse pads on events.

Video of custom gaming mouse pad for CU-LAN

Custom mouse pads for Clans, Lanparties

Today we will show custom mouse pads for clans, CU-LAN, Play on WASD, The Summit 5 and Plays TV.

Below are showing the mouse pads photos customized for Clans, Lan events, lanparties:


Custom mouse pads for CU-LAN, SIZE:  27.5″ X 15.7″

custom-mouse-pads-for-cu-lan-02 custom-mouse-pads-for-cu-lan-03

Custom mouse pads for Play’ on WASD, SIZE: 19.68″ X 11.8″

Reviewing the WASD mousepads: 

Custom mouse pads for Play on WASDCustom mouse pads for Play on WASD

Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5 and Plays TV, SIZE: 13.7″ X 9.8″

Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5Custom mouse pads for The Summit 5


Custom high quality mouse mats, any size, any quantity, any artwork printing to meet your target marketing, generate impulse sales, create brand awareness, sell more!

Do you want to have your original mouse pads? Just tell us the mat size, send us your artwork or logo, X-rayPad custom mousepads for your clans or lanparties.

What is the desired custom mouse pad?

When we search “custom mouse pad” via internet, there will come out a lot of websites say custom mouse pad, customized mousepad, personalized mouse pad and so on.

But when you visit the websites, you will find they are customizing mouse pads with printing in some size and shape only. Can you find one which can custom mouse pad in any size, any shape, any printing, any thickness, any surface or any edge of treatment? Maybe you can’t see it. I think a real custom mouse pads shop or company should meet real personal requirements.

What’s the desired custom mouse pad or best? Let’s look at below the important elements of custom mouse pads.

Detailed requirements of customized mouse pad as below:

1, Custom size mouse pad

Before start to custom a mouse pad, you need to know what size of mat to meet your requirement.

If you want to put it on a desk, you need to measure the room for a customize mouse pad. Then order a right size of mat. You may need xxl size mouse pad if you want to cover whole desk.



2, Custom printed mouse pad

What shall I print onto a mouse pad? Find a favourite photo or image, which will be printed onto a mouse pad. Sure, high quality printing will be needed.



3, Custom shape of mouse pad

Customize a shape to fit your table or desk. You may need rectangle or round or specific shape. To make a specific shape of mouse pad per your own drawing, the drawing format may need a CAD format.

Custom shape of mouse pad

4, Custom mouse pad thickness

Usually, natural rubber mouse pad has 1mm to 5mm thickness in production. But the popular thickness of mouse pad is about 3mm. But a part of gamers like heavy-duty mouse pad is about 5mm thickness. Laptop users like very thin thickness mouse pad, such as 1mm thickness. Which is light-weight and very easy to pick it with your computer.

Custom mouse pad thickness

5, Custom mouse pad surface

Most of mouse pads in market is using smooth fabric surface. But PC gamers want a specific surface to make mouse pads when playing games. Such as speed, speed plus, random texture and rough surface of mouse pads. What’s the different surface of mouse pad? To contact us to know more.

Custom mouse pad surface


6, Custom mouse pad material

For the material of cloth mouse pad, it has two kinds of them, one is for personal and small quantities, which standard material to meet office PC user. Other is for PC gamers, which meets the requirements of PC gamers, the quality is same as or higher than some brand of mouse pad. So you need high quality mouse pad, just select custom gaming mouse pad.

Mouse pad material

You may need a mouse pad made in metal or hard plastic, professional gamers like custom metal gaming mouse pad and plastic gaming mouse pads especially.

7, Edge treatments

What’s mouse pad edge treatment? This includes knife cutting, laser cutting and frame stitching. Most of mouse pads in market are by knife-cutting. Now most of gaming cloth mouse pads are using laser cutting and frame stitching. X-raypad shop offer mouse pad frame stitching for cloth custom mouse pads freely.

Mouse pad edge treatment


8, What are the key points of custom mouse pad?

Before make a mouse pad, firstly you need to know where put it and what put on the mat. You can have a size or shape of mouse pad. Then printing issue, find personalized mouse pad photo or image. Do you want to wash a mouse pad in a washing machine? If so, you need a frame stitching of custom mouse pad. You don’t worry about the surface peel-off from the mouse pad.

If you are a gaming player, you will need to consider more issues, such the surface of mouse pad, mouse pad material and thickness.

So real custom mouse pads should include lots of customization items to meet personal full requirements as possibly. Not just meet one or part of requirements.

 X-raypad shop offers a variety of and maximum possible mouse pad custom. This includes any size, any image printing and many options in shape, thickness, surface, material and edge treatment in customization of mouse pads. X-ray has been serving you with best mouse pad since 2003, custom gaming mouse pads from X-raypad is your best choice.


How about our custom mousepad quality:

XXL mousepad 00customized

Artwork show to client before printing

Published by Michael Lau · 16 hrs ·

Thanks for @BoMenzzz share her pictures of custom mouse pads with large size: 920*300mm.

Order same size now:…/xxl-mousepad-customized-with-si…/

XXL mousepad 01 customized XXL mousepad 02 customized

BoMenzzz Such wonderful work!
I’m very pleased. Thanks guys!

Like · Reply · Message · 15 hrs
Our goal is to become the industry’s leading mouse pad manufacturer. Custom high quality mouse mats, any size, any quantity, any artwork printing to meet your target marketing, generate impulse sales, create brand awareness, sell more! No minimum quantity to custom own mats, cost-effective way to create brand awareness and increase sales.


Special offer of custom mouse pad for Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s love is peace.
It need not be acquired,
it need not be deserved

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2016,  X-raypad shop offer 10% discount for all custom mouse pads, please use the coupon code: “mothersday(expiry day: April 30th). You can custom extra large mouse pad for your Mother as a special gift, our mouse pad is not only a mat on table or desk, but also you put it on a wall as a picture, the high quality printing custom mouse pad is dual colors and very flexible. You can wash it into wash machine when it has lots dusts.

Looking for your favourite picture or your mother photo or family photo, we can print it onto a fabric surface of mouse pad. Many sizes of mats are optional for you.


We offer many sizes of mats for custom printing: 1, custom big mouse pads; 2, custom large mouse pads; 3, custom XL mouse pad; 4, custom XXL mouse pad (giant size included).



Customize LoL mouse pads with your favourite image

Make own League of Legends mouse pads!

League of LegendsLoL)is a popular competitive game with young people.Each character is unique in the game . We respect each role, and Each has ourselves views on the role of our attention. (If you support my idea, you can like my article.)

You can use your favorite role photo or image from League of Legends to make your own LoL mouse pad.

We select a few characters images from LOL for your reference, these image can be printed on to different size of mouse pads. Please see below different size mouse pad.

1 Blood Moon Elise

What was your first impression of her, is cool , confident or others. I think her is a quiet and magnificent , wisdom’s woman.

custom LoL mouse pad size 440x270mm


Custom Mat size of LoL : 17.3 inch x 10.6 inch, which is big size and suitable for your office desk.
To select your favourite picture and make own big mouse pad.


2 Ghost Bride Morgana

What you see in the picture, and whether have a little bit sad, once Pure Angel , the Falle Angel now. let us to protect, to care of her.

custom LoL mouse pad with Ghost Bride Morgana 650x400mm

If you want to own this Extra large mouse pad(size : 650mm x 400mm), meanwhile you can also add your own idea on mouse pad. Such as you whisper to this role or belong to your mark, or signature and so on.


3 Hecarim

It is an armored giant, brave aggressive, he own Exceptional ability, Opponents are very afraid. So if you want to own the same power , I just think about it.

custom LoL mouse pad: giant size 910x620mm

There is XXL mouse pad(size : 910mm x 610mm), which is huge size for custom mouse pad , it almost can cover your whole desktop. This is a very perfect the experience.

4 Cho’gath

The role is controversial ,many players have a lot of different views of him, so maybe you not support my idea of him, yeah , it is okey, but I just want say my idea of him, he is a powerful tank ,and give enemy great sense of threat .

custom LoL mouse pad with Cho’gath 40inchx23.5inch

There is also XXL mouse pad(size : 101.6cm x 59.7cm), which is more huge size for custom mouse pad , it almost can cover your whole desktop.

What we can do on custom mouse pads?

  • Pinting: Any image from League of Legends Series
  • Size and thickness: the size per your need, 1-6mm thickness option.
  • Surface: smooth fabric surface .
  • Bottom : nature rubber, Non-slip Soft rubber backing
  • Frame stitched : free to support.
  • Artwork edition: free editing with approval


It’s very simple to custom own LoL mouse pad, you send us an image, we make mouse pad per your need. Customization includes:any images, any size and different size and surface.

Custom Anime Mousepads with many sizes

We offer many sizes of anime mouse pads for sale or custom. You can add your name or text on the mousepad or custom print your image on a mouse pad, which will be a good gift for your family or friends if they love Anime girl. We can choose below size as below:

1, Size: 500mm x 300mm – order this size mousepad, click here

2, Size: 600mm x 350mm – order this size mousepad, click here

Anime-mousepad-08-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-07-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-06-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-05-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-04-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-03-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-02-600mmx350mm Anime-mousepad-01-600mmx350mm

3, Size: 600mm x 400mm– order this size mousepad, click here

Do you have other Anime picture and want to make your own mouse pad? Just send us to custom Anime mouse pad for you.

4, Size: 800mm x 500mm– order this size mousepad, click here

All above anime artworks are available to make size mouse pad per your needs. Sure, we can custom anime mouse pads by your own artworks, logo, branded. We are offer custom printing, custom size, custom thickness and mat surface option.

 Any questions, just contact us.