What are your desired gaming playmats?

CJ are playing camp grizzly on my new playmat
CJ are playing camp grizzly on my new playmat

I think  gaming playmats have to be made base on your thoughts. Before making, we need to consider some issues:

  • Where do you put your playmat?
  • Why do you need it?
  • What size do you want?

If you have a board gaming table, you may need a new playmat instead of the original layer or cover on the table, with better quality or easier to pick cards up.

Difficult to pick cards up without playmat
Difficult to pick cards up without playmats

In this case, you will need to consider some issues as below:
A, Do you use dices?
B, Do you need to custom printing related gaming theme?
C, What size do you need?

Many games need to be used dices to play. You may have encountered such a situation, dice hit the desktop to issue a lot of noise, and bounce very high. When you choose the material of playmats, which should have the function of sound insulation and buffer. The foaming rubber will be right materials. Most of rubber mouse pads are using foaming rubber.

dices bounce very high
dices bounce on table

After get the right material, you may need to make a unique playmat with own cool artwork printing. It’s easy to custom printed playmats with own design by X-raypad. Just send your favorite image via email and we can check it personally and free edition before printing.

It’s very important to make right size mat to cover whole your table. You need to measure the table sizes in mm or inches. Tell us the exact sizes, We custom size playmats per your specification.

You may need round corners playmats if you put it on table top. For the round corners mats, we will add frame stitched, which will be longer life than knife cutting(without stitching).

Main Features of custom playmats from X-raypad:

  • Size: Custom size per your measured.
  • Materials: Fine fabric surface top and foaming rubber main
  • Printing: Custom it per your artwork or idea ( offer free edition per your thoughts)
  • Frame treatment:Square corners without stitching or round corners with stitched.

But someone needs the square corners, sure we can make it per your request.

We met some questions before placing orders. I will list them here, which may help you:
1, Can you make giant size playmat?
Answers: Yes, we can make giant size playmats, we made lots of 5ft by 3ft huge size playmats recently. Which are for 5ft by 3ft board gaming tables.

2, I can’t right size to match my table, how can I order it?
Answers:  We can’t list all sizes of playmats on our site, just tell us(via contract form) what size you need.

3, I want to print own artwork on it. But I don’t know how to create my file.
Answers:  Simply, just tell us your idea, we will create artwork for you freely ( Free Edition )

5ft by 3ft playmat with custom printing
5ft by 3ft playmat with custom printed by X-raypad

Josh shared his playmat on his twitter: https://twitter.com/PM0SH/status/847627768669929473

josh sharing his playmat through twitter